Rodolphe Rougerie


Rodolphe Rougerie, maître de conférence MNHN, Institut de systématique, évolution, biodiversité (UMR 7205)


I am a researcher and curator for Lepidoptera at the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle in Paris. My research activities aim at documenting and understanding the diversity of terrestrial invertebrates on Earth. Although not exclusive, my main focus is Lepidoptera (moths and butterflies), with a special interest for their systematics and their evolutionary history and in particular for members of two emblematic families: Saturniidae (Wild Silkmoths) and Sphingidae (Hawkmoths).The approaches used combine methods from phylogenomics, integrative taxonomy (morphology and DNA barcoding), community ecology (using metabarcoding), biogeography and macroecology.

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